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"Hydrate: by Tracy Duhs

HYDRATE at The Hydrate Store Experience was founded by modern wellness advocate"


In this gorgeous lifestyle book you will learn the ins and outs of hydration, the 9 Pillars of Health and exclusive hydration recipes from Tracy’s magical kitchen. Discover a wealth of delicious and fun, alcohol-free party elixirs that promise to leave you feeling even better the next day!

This book is the ultimate gift for the person who has everything.
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Discover The Truth About Hydration So You Can Feel Better, Look Better, and Age Better.

I’ve been working with Tracy Duhs for over 15 years and she has been a key source for my business endeavors in areas related to health and wellness future directions and more importantly my subject matter expert for all my oxygen and hydrogen based water endeavors as well as my  bioenergetic medicine. She is one of the four most experts in the world who truly understands how the body digest food consumes hydrogen and oxygen to optimize our health in order to turn back time.

David Perez
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“In 2019 I had chemotherapy for lymphoma by the grace and mercy of God It worked, and I’m OK. But I wasn’t well -chemotherapy might’ve killed the cancer but it also killed my body. I wanted to feel healthy and be healthy and have healthy habits. I had been blessed with meeting Tracy Duhs in Sedona, Arizona in 2018. in August 2019 I had the privilege of spending time with TRACy and her team in San Diego learning about nutrition, staying hydrated, filtering water, and eating vegetables that were prepared so beautifully and protein bowls that were so delicious. 

I have continued the journey - I still do a green, drinking - protein shakes -vegetables enzymes -magnesium -trace minerals. Tracy Duhs is a gift that God gave me that I treasure and everyone on her team are all fantastic. She had someone come in to play music on the bowls. Today I still go to sleep every night listening to the bowls being played. I highly recommend spending time with Tracy at her retreat in San Diego.”

Natalie Jill
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I choose to collaborate with Tracy on my health and wellness journey because the outstanding results I've achieved reflect her unwavering dedication to her craft. What truly sets her apart is the way she infuses love and passion into her work, making it truly inspiring. Her commitment to creating a positive impact through her expertise is nothing short of remarkable.

Paul Fishman
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