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HYDRATE at The Hydrate Store Experience was founded by modern wellness advocate, Tracy Duhs, in 2008 as a destination for true wellness and education in the nine pillars of health: Hydration, Minerals, Nutrition, Sun, Grounding, Sleep, Creative Playtime, and Connected Community.

Our goal is to help guide you into a space where you can reset your mind, recharge your body, and rediscover your spirit. This is all done in a well-curated space and opulent experience.

Our ability to achieve radiant health and beauty is dependent on our capacity to target the root causes of our ‘dis-ease’ whether it’s intracellular dehydration, cellular communication, xenobiotic overload, nutritional deficiency, skin care that’s not specific to your skin’s needs, etcetera.

The Hydrate Store philosophy looks beyond the bandaid and microwave beauty generation, and instead, we are committed to longevity and long term health.

We take an unconventional approach to beauty and wellness. For example, injectables that freeze facial muscles may provide a temporary fix for superficial lines but they are not addressing the root issues that has lead to the wrinkles, like insufficient lymph drainage, healthy blood flow, intracellular hydration, nutrient absorption and proper skin care.

The Sanctuary feels like home, maybe because it’s hidden inside of a 1940’s beach cottage with ethereal hues of blue and white. Everything feels light and fresh. All of the products in the Wellness center are hand-picked by Tracy to fit her stringent criteria of sourcing and efficacy. Every ingredient need not only be free of toxins and caustic contaminants, it must also be sourced from ethical resources.

Learn more about Tracy at tracyduhs.com

Come visit the Hydrate Store at one of our private retreats. Learn more at comealive.us

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